1. cutting

Sheet metal parts are cut using CNC-controlled plasma and flame cutting equipment, while fibre materials are cut using band saws. In addition to traditional steel, the equipment is also suitable for cutting high-strength and wear-resistant steel sheets. ESAB flame cutting equipment:
  • 2-head CNC controlled with a table size of 2000 x 6000 mm
MicroStep 3D plasma cutting equipment:
  • Up to 40 mm plate thickness, with a table size of 2500 x 6000 mm
  • With 2 flame cutting heads
Band saw machines:
  • for cutting fibre material, with miter cutting and the option of automatic material transfer up to a section size of 620 x 460 mm.

2. plate formation

In our preparation plant, in addition to cutting, we also carry out various component preparation technologies – including grinding, edge bending, and straightening.
  • Through-system roller track granulator equipment: 6 nozzles, suitable for board widths up to 2500 mm, as well as profiles up to a height of 650 mm
  • Gerima sanding belt edge preparation equipment: up to 2500 mm plate length.
  • Line of plate straightening rollers up to 16 x 2500 mm cross-section
  • Baykal type CNC-controlled edge bender with 400 t pressure force and 4 m bending length.